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Pole Fitness Company Aims to Change View of Industry

Head down P poppin’ on a handstand! That is what most people think when it comes to pole dancing. Pole Felony Fitness aims to change that stigma one dance at a time. “Some people do not look at it as fitness,” said studio owner, Fernande Henri. “Some people still see it as stripper practice or […]

Last week Jason Derulo and clothing designer Antonio Brown stopped by Aventura Mall’s Bloomingdales to debut their clothing line, LVL XIII.

“I think the greatest inventions come with just needing something,” said Derulo of one of the line’s signature pieces that converts from a hoodie style jacket in to a backpack. “Just the fact that we are consumers ourselves … things like that just come from us and what we need.”


The duo first met by a chance encounter when Derulo wore one of Brown’s pieces during a performance.

“So, me not knowing that this was one of his few pairs [of shoes] I kind of danced and I kind of did my thing in them and ruined the shoes,” Derulo said.  “So he got them back and it was a wrap for the shoes. It was not like somebody else was going to wear them.”

Pronounced, level thirteen, the line offers a futuristic style of clothing. Their brand includes everything from head to toe, including a line of shoes projected to be available in February 2018.

“I think that Jason and I are really big on the experiences and kind of what we experience in the apparel and going throughout our day,” Brown said. “I think what is so special about LVL XIII is that it is trans-formative. And we did that intentionally, not just to add value to the consumer, but also so a consumer can go throughout their day wearing LVL XIII.”

The relationship between artists and labels has always been a struggle of the art versus the bottom line.  Tomorrow, January 13th ,Chris ‘Fresh Kid Ice’ Wong, pioneering hip hop artist of the 2 Live Crew, will release his first compilation album on his independent label which he hopes will teach artists that they can be successful without major label support.

“I was looking at the state of hip hop … mainstream media and so forth,” said Wong in describing his motivation for creating the album. “When you think of hip hop music, it started from the underground, then, later on, the majors came into it once they saw it was a source of income. What we’re trying to do is take it back to beginning of hip hop. Not literally the beginning, but the part of hip hop where it’s more against the mainstream than for the mainstream.”

Breaking Glass Ceilings features 15 independent artists, some new-comers and more notable artists like famed Poison Clan member and Miami-hip hop trailblazer, JT Money. Wong worked primarily behind the scenes on the project but is featured on one of the album’s songs.

“That’s what I’m doing, I’m trying to mentor artists,” said Wong of his significance in hip hop in 2017. “I already had my 15 minutes of fame, do you understand? So, what I want to do is teach them. So, basically now, my job is to mentor them and teach them how to become artists, own your own stuff and so forth.”

While the compilation may be the first of its kind on Chinaman Records, Wong’s independent label, he is no stranger to pulling double duty as an artist and an owner.

“Chinaman Records has been around since the 90s and before that I had a label called Miami Bass Records,” said Wong. “I learned a lot … and even in California, 2 Live Crew, we had our own label which was Fresh Beat Records. I was doing the legwork because I wanted the music to be out there.”
PE$O! St.LaPhresh




Last Monday, in the frame of Ventana Sur (Buenos Aires, Argentina), the seven finalists previously selected to participate in the final phase of Miami Film 2016, organized by The Related Group and Miami International Film Festival, pitched their projects. The films, still in development, were warmly welcomed by a large audience and the international jury formed by Mariela Besuievsky, Fabien Westerhoff and Mauricio Kinoshita.

After the pitchings presented by some of the currently most successful Argentinian producers and directors, the members of the jury met in order to decide what projects showed a best quality and production feasibility. It was a difficult decision due to the high level of the projects presented, as the jury concluded: “The winners have been selected based on their creativity, the strength of their projects on both an artistic and technical level, and the inherent potential of the stories”. Finally, the cash prizes of $32,500 courtesy of The Related Group will be divided among these three winners:

1st Prize, $12,500: A Sort of Family, by Diego Lerman. Produced by Nicolás Avruj (Campo Cine).

2nd Prize, $10,000: The Death of Marga Maier, by Camila Toker. Produced by Pablo Ingercher (Oh My Gomez!) and Martín Cuinat (Roberto Me Dejó Films).

3rd Prize, $10,000: Dolores, by Gonzalo Tobal. Produced by Benjamín Domenech (REI CINE SRL)



Over 1,400 fellow artists, influencers, and fans packed outthe legendary,  Maps Backlot Production House on Saturday, December 5, 2015, in Miami for the return of REVOLT’s Blended Cultures II. Taking live art to another level, attendees enjoyed anelectrifying music and art experience with multiple live exhibits, DJ sets, interactive digital graffiti, photo booths and more.King […]

REVOLT Blended Cultures II during Art Basel in Miami on December 5, 2015, at Maps Backlot Production House sponsored by Footaction and FIAT