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Powerball PE$O!: I lost again!

So, it’s Thursday morning and I didn’t win the Powerball jackpot. What a shocker right?! More than likely you didn’t win either so I guess we’re even. Hopefully you didn’t blow the bank on Powerball. If you did, it’s time to put in those OT hours at work to get back on your feet. It’s […]


Celebrity Net Worth: How much is your favorite celeb worth?

So, just how much is Bill Gates worth? Is 50 Cent really broke? These are just some of the stories you can read about on Celebrity Net Worth (CNW). While some people may read the Wall Street Journal for their financial news, CNW founder and general manager Brian Warner likens his site to the everyday person’s […]



So, I have a few “full proof” ways to meet and interview your favorite celebrities. I have interviewed the best of the best in music and entertainment. People like Pusha T, Amber Rose and Fat Joe have been on the other end of my mic (no homo for the guys), too many to mention and even […]


The Auto Toy Store: Car Lover’s Paradise

Ferrari, Lexus, BMW, Ford and Benz couldn’t all be on the same car lot, right? When it comes to selling cars you might be thinking of your average, everyday lot that only offers a select amount of brands from which you can choose. That’s simply not the case at The Auto Toy Store in Ft. […]



I came up pretty late to the video shoot that was held near Shots in Wywood but here is what I got. The grind don’t stop and neither do I! She asked me what I do I said I do it all. It’s PE$O! …. St.LaPhresh.